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Posted in My inspirations on October 9, 2009 by Kangyan

feeling lost in the midst of exams…

so i browsed through deviantart (: found this series of HAPPY pictures by Poop-art…^^they are all so CUTE! once my friend was being called fashion disaster wearing those pretty rainbow colors and her big wide smile =D

NO!!! rainbow colors are the MOST beautiful combi ever!!! XD

i really wanna try something like that after exams

put on ur pretty smile and enjoy these n_n

here’s the feast for the eyes







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The set of nailart by Tingchih and I for our FnF fair (:

My painting

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It’s quite different for me I believe, as I decided on my medium and subject matters first before fitting in my theme.


I settled my mind on painting without much thought. As firstly I like painting and enjoy feeling when looking at the paint spreading out across the canvas little by little, and secondly painting is one of those which can give the viewers strong visual impact (compared to small drawings).


Then I thought that I should challenge myself with painting human figures including face features, as many said painting faces is the most difficult.


Then I continued with my random doodling and researching. My first idea came from two sources of inspirations firstly the painting of the clown outside the school popular, and from one photographer (zemotion) series of photos named something beautiful.


I thought that I should do something related much to emotions, maybe a series of painting of different expressions of a same face However I do not want it as striking as the one outside popular, but a more contained emotion (like a slight smile or frown, mostly through the look of their eyes) and not shown through exaggerated facial expressions. So that when you look at them from far, they appear the same, but when looked near, they are actually feeling differently. This is soon turned down by teachers and friends, who thought it was real hard to portray those emotions especially I would only like them to be not so obvious. Well I agreed, I do not have all the time in the world to study every muscle movement of the face. So I abandoned this idea without too much thoughts but thought that the concept may work for my other artworks which I may consider in the future.


Is_this_Love_by_aNdikapatRyaThen I came across this really sweet picture of a guy kissing a girl on the cheek. Everything was perfectly harmonious and the colors and light fall just nicely in place. It immediately struck me that maybe I can explore the theme of BGR, which no one is working on yet. So I entitled my theme “first love”, as love alone can be a variety such as mother and child, community love etc.


But then I realized one problem, which is quite serious, is that I myself have not been through “first love” at all. So I had no idea of how is it like to be in that relationship. I was sort of stuck again. So turn to the internet and books for loads of images under first love. At first I was just looking for those pictures with great visual impacts especially those with contrasting colors, like red purple green blue, as I thought (from my knowledge of Romeo and Juliet, that their first love was full of passion) so my studies of mysterious colors of red and black. I almost wanted to switch my medium to photoshop as it is easier to create outstanding color contrasts and can let me explore more combinations.


But after much of those researches to force myself to look at those striking colors, and accept what others see as first love, I got a little tired, as I found that those pictures do not really capture the essence of “first love” in my point of view. The real enlightenment came to me when I was randomly flipping through my AEP notes one day and I came across The Stroll Camille by Claude Monet. It’s a woman walking in the sunlight with an almost glowing outline of her white dress. And the light falling on her and the grass she is walking on gave the painting a misty kind of feeling, that brushwork done gave the “semi-real” effect, as if the woman is there yet not quite there.


After looking through many of Monet’s paintings I really loved his portrayal of light and shadow, which made the paintings dreamy and mysterious. And his large patches of different shades of green which is very pleasant and relaxing to the eye. I was very excited, like I have found how I should do my painting. I suddenly gave up all my previous researches of what others portray first love as, and decided that I should use my own imagination to depict what is first love mean to me. So I started to think of my definition of ideal first love.


I changed my palette to natural and earthy colors, as they represent the youth and immature of first time being in love. Also, love is the most natural feeling of human.

The strong contrast of light and dark also symbolizes the hope and light in life. Those were all I thought of before I started painting. I thought I d just follow my feelings (and I dint have much time > <) oh I also got some of that idea of light from the book twilight when bella and edward were in the forest, and sunlight sipping through the branches.

And pocahontas, the talking tree. That kind of atmosphere.


I read more about Monet and got to know that he actually planted a whole water lily pond just to study and interact with the lilies so that he could paint them better. I really admired his patience and passion. So I thought that I would not copy anyone from the net and draw from them but to ask my own friends whom I’ve known for so many years to have a photo session out for me, so to let my painting be more expressive.



Many have asked me whether they are in a relationship, and I honestly answer no. However, that was part of my intention, which contributes to my whole imagination idea. I did not ask them to do the pose which I thought of, but they did it with their own interpretation of first love. With that I get two different perspectives of first love and when I combined them together, the painting became really special. And the viewers can inject their own interpretation too.


I started out painting with the rough impression of my painting, ready to make any changes when any new ideas come to mind. So when I first started with the painting, I didn’t have that certainness of why am I painting this, its just all about the FEEL I guess? It is during the painting process, and maybe afterwards when I look at the painting, did I get my idea of interpreting the painting. And they are really only my idea, just like how I always get those interpretations when I look at anyone’s work. Because I belief everyone is meant to have different views on this as a totally free and personal touch.


Height and width: is the ideal height of an Asian guy: 183 and that of an Asian girl: 158


Mood: happy relaxing and mysterious dreamy (also something like, not being afraid when one has each other, as such dense forest is usually portrayed as scary/strange)

Subjects: guy: real, black and white—represent reality (closed eyes, as if turning his blindness to reality, to all reasons, and purely following his feelings.)

The wander between imagination reality and semi reality


Girl: semi real, floating, blending into the background (flowy lines of the dress depicts the sweetness and gentleness of girls) something that is there but not really there, like the feeling ( I think) one would have when first crush on anyone, as it’s the kind of feeling which you don’t really know how to describe.


Posture. When I chose this picture to paint, it is 2/3 my friends’ interpretation as they posed for it. I chose this to be my combination as it has again the feel. The guy standing almost in a rigid position shows his carefulness of not disturbing anything beside him, even when the girl is pointing to shoot him. As if sometimes we feel that something is too perfect, it may just disappear if u make a sudden move or something like that.

The girl, is portrayed as a playful child, who enjoys the company of the playmate, I got this idea from…when I first did the researches many pictures came out to me little, really little 5 year olds kissing or stuff. However, I think although its cute, a teenage would be more suitable for the theme, so I captured their childishness in the form of childhood games, and insert it into the painting of 2 teens instead.


Strange creatures, they are just there to represent all other people who are looking at them, with sad or happy faces, to show that there are always ups and downs in a relationship, and that relationship is really not in a world of two.

But these people in love do not acknowledge their existence at all, just following their heart and feeling again.


Rose something that the lovers actually take notice of. They’d notice those which fit into their feeling of happiness, those that symbolize them but not the rest.


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彩虹挂着, 淡去         

孩子睡着了, 梦中笑了













咦! 天上的云一团一团




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Così bello

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Così bello

Così bello, “so beautiful” in Spanish, was the theme of NYchoir concert 2006. Much inspired by that gorgeous name, proudly presenting to you a photograph in search of something glam and beautiful. 

Model: TingChih

Photographer: Kangyan

Editing: Kangyan