Chiam Yunxin, Cynthia Wong, Lim Jia Fang, Xiong Kangyan, Yang Wandong

Class: Sec 2 AEP

 How to make a Universal Steamboat

Materials Used: Clay, Aluminium Foil, Acrylic Paint, Cardboard, String, Construction Paper

Duration: 2:24″

The work mainly tells how global warming is slowly destroying the earth. The imagery of the steamboat to symbolize the rapidly increasing temperature of earth, like that of a steamboat. The plot of the story tells how water is added, followed by vegetables, then meat, then seafood and finally Man. The aim of our story is to show how the global warming causing the temperature of earth to rise, the resources on earth (ie. Flora and fauna) will slowly be depleted and finally in one way or another lead to the destruction of mankind.

2. How did you come up with the idea for this artwork? How much help did the teacher give?

We started our artwork with Mr. Lim’s idea of making a universal steamboat. We then started brainstorming about how we can use the imagery of a steamboat and the various ingredients usually associated with it. Our group members then started contributing ideas of how we could use a globe and show that the soup stock is from the great rivers and seas, the seafood representing problems of over-fishing, the vegetables representing de-forestation and the meat representing issues of depleting natural habitats.

3.What are some of the difficulties faced when making the work?

As first time users of istopmotion, we initially found a lot of trouble learning how to take the correct number of frames and getting the duration of the clip right.

4. (For groups) How did you come to a consensus on any decisions?

Whenever we wanted to make a decision, we would make the group gather and vote. Sometimes, when we still cannot agree on a decision, we would experiment by doing the scene in two different ways that was suggested, and then watch the results before voting again.

5.What have you learnt from this extended art project? (technical or about the environment)

We have learnt how to use softwares like istopmotion, GarageBand and Final Cut Express. We have also learnt hoe to create sturdy structures out of clay. Lastly, we also learnt how to use a video camera properly and how to apply the knowledge (panning, zooming in and out) we learnt from our previous IT projects.

6. Did you make any sketches, preparatory studies before commencing on this?

Yes, we made very rough sketches of how each scene would be and we also wrote down the directions, next to the sketches, as to how we would move our objects.

7. If you had more resources, what will you improve for the art work? Or not at all?

We feel that if we had more resources, we would probably try to improve more of the globe that we used in the video. We would also try to improve the quality of the video. This is because due to time constraint, the second half of the video was not very detailed and the movements of the objects often moved at a irregular pace. 


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