Installations and sculptures

The main difference between installation and sculpture is that installations focuses more on the arrangement use, use of space and surrounding environment within the artwork, artwork is seen as a whole together with the site the work is set in. While sculptures usually focuses on the main subject and interpretation of the vieweres while looking at the sculpture itself. Sculptures thus is not site specific, usually are not seen with surrounding environment as a whole.

article-0-0549EDDA000005DC-601_634x422As portrayed by Field of the British Isles, which is a representation of installation, the arrangement of the different figures is essential in fullfilling the intention of the artist and to convey his message. with 40000 little figures of 8 to 26 cm tall with eyes arranged side by side which packs up the exhibition hall. the eyese looks hollow and as if directly staring back to the viewers. The figures each with a unique shape and unique pair of eyes are all different, but their similar colors makes them look as if they come from a same community. Space taken up by the figures is very big, giving the viewers great sense of being confronted, as the artist intended. A single figure from it would not create the same impact. when looking at the field, vieweres usually look at the 4000-figures installation as a whole and are generally not particularly interested in individual ones.


More installations includes the Antoerh place by Antony Gormley on the coasts, 100 human figures spreading themselves into the sea and towards the horizon. It is, in this case also the numbers, arrangements and scale of the art that has the huge impact on the viewers but not individual human figures that resembles models in a cloth shop we see everyday. Thus in this case, most of the facial features are omitted to represent those metal casts as the general humans, and not any individual.

lh191_0However, in the Recumbent figure, the main focus is on the sculpture itself.  It resembles a female half sitting half lying down, face features depicts her  gentleness and motherly characteristics. It is in one piece, thus although the environment of where the artwork is placed matters but it is not as important as the sculpture piece itself. The sculpter conveys his emotion throught the individual sculpture and not the arrangement. The viewers’ gets the calming, loving motherly feels for the sculpture from the curvy lines, rounded edges and earthy colors of the sculpture, and not how special the sculpture is presented or arranged.


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