Inspired by Monet

After we have learnt about impressionism, Monet left a deep impression on me. I remember him for his signature brushwork as well as his love for the portrayal of  nature. I searched much about his works an found them all pleasant to the eyes. No nude female figures, no violence, no darkness, his painting just seems vibrant and lively, with a exeptional interest in celebrating the beauty of nature.

 I also found out that Monet is very interested in portraying light and shadow in his works. One of the key reasons why his works are so pleasant to the eyes is his choices of colors and the perfect balance of light and shadow. As shown in his masterpiece Sunrise.


The shades of the sky, silluete of the fishing boat, even the shadows of the waves in the water is depicted with much care. Making this painting stable, and not too dark or dull.

Another characteristic that I noticed was the brushstroke that often results in a “semi-imaginary” or “dreamy” feel, which I really loved, and tried to adopt a similar style in my coursework which is themed “First Love”. One example is The Stroll Camille


last but not least, I admire his patience and love for art as well as nature show in his patient study series of the London Parliament house and water lily garden. His works has inspired me to try a different medium and challenge a different style in painting. Also, his works has made me believe that interaction between the artist and his subject is an important element to a successful art piece, which is a reason to why i have chosen my friends as models of my painting. 

Some lovely paintings from the water lily series





3 Responses to “Inspired by Monet”

  1. Haha, you are actually quite convincing:)
    I love Monet’s spirit of painting even when he was almost blind o___o
    and yes, he built a garden to interact with the lilies o___o amazing.
    It’s the first time I saw someone describe impressionism as dreamy or semi-imaginary o___o personally I think it’s just their style to paint in visible brushstrokes and your “dreamy” is the result of their emphasis on light in its changing qualities. However, that’s a very fresh pov:)

  2. Eeps! Mom painted the second painting you posted! D: We’re a really monet-influences family o.0 Or mom is very monet influences. -.-

    Hurrah, I like impressionism too! (By the way, who’s using boonmily?)

    • yeah they are so nice (: all of monet’s works
      and chia u r good at impressionism…
      ^^ artistic family

      p.s. boonmily’s TC

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