Esperar, “hope” in Spanish.

This series of photo are taken in school, each image depicts the search of hope. 

Model: Tingchih

Photograph: Kangyan













3 Responses to “Esperar”

  1. Fabulous:D You knw why? Coz it’s the photos have ME:D
    okay, kidding.

    I really like the editing and different angles of shooting you tried:) The sense of proportion is excellent too:D

    What I suggest is for you to upload the before and after, so people can see what you have edited:)

  2. Great photos taken.
    One suggestion though. Unless nanyang is what you intend to include in your theme, which I think it it not, you should try not to involve unrelated objects in your photo. It will confuse the viewers. This is what I leaernt from my coursework…:)

  3. It seems that my theme hope is unrelated to NY? haha
    I chose NY because it is easier for us to relate too, well u see the model’s frm Ny, the photographer’s frm NY, most viewers i believe’s frm NY
    it REPRESENT us! and thus our life and search (for hope in this case)
    also to show, i think many don’t know there are beautiful places like those in Nanyang ^^

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