3D flash beginner

These are some of the works that I learnt from Dad, in two afternoon’s time. Introduction to 3D flashwork and models. I found it quite interesting indeed.

The School’s name as a nice start:)



2 Responses to “3D flash beginner”

  1. wow, this is very interesting indeed:)
    Why did you decide to create vase, cup and sofa? o___o Are they easier to make?
    It’s real good:D I like the yellow cup the best. It has a good contrast of colour, nice print and good shadowing:) and no 9 is a good number:P

  2. yeah its interesting haha
    why did i decided to create those? its considerred as as pretty in the beginner’s module arranged by my dad…

    “and no 9 is a good number:P” tts the essential reason of appreciation huh?

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