BSP camp hoodie designs

BSP camp hoodie design…that was submitted too late …

so wasn’t even considered…T.T

front design

bsp camp

back designUntitled-2


2 Responses to “BSP camp hoodie designs”

  1. Oh I like this design alot!!! Wish I were at the camp…
    I think it is good to use the 中国结 in your design. It is essentially China:) And I like how you intertwine the words with the 中国结.

    However, you may consider also adding a Western touch to it. After all, it is a bicultural camp. And I think the behind should be more complicated. Maybe you can use the 中国结 again? Somehow…

  2. LOL dong ah
    thanks for liking…but it was not used…= =
    cos i came out with it too late > <
    anw BICULTURAL…thats why i had it simple and with ENG at the back (:
    i always think that it's more balanced to have one side more complicated and the other simple. especially for a tee or hoodie, cos if not it would be too heavy 2 designs to wear
    just like my graces designs (:
    thanks for commenting anw ^^

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