Something beautiful (:

some photos that i really love (:

Zhang Jingna

Born in Beijing, Jing na moved to Singapore at the age of eight. At14, a mere nine months after picking up air rifle, she broke the national record and joined the national team. Two years later, she left the prestigious RGS to pursue a degree in fashion design. picking up the camera then, it eventually turned into her voice.

She left school again in late 2007 and subsequently the national team to become a professional photographer. in the spans of years, she had photographed campains for Mercedes Benz, Pond’s and Wacom, as well as editions of Harper’s Bazzar and L’ Officiel

in 2007 Jingna became the youngest recipient of Associateship in the Masters Photographers Association and a year later, staged her first solo exhibition at The Art House in Singapore.

Her works are described as being ethereal, romantic and sensuous.  

I came across these photos on deviant art, and thought they were really beautiful…then I completely became her fan when I found out that all of them are done by ONE photographer— Zhang Jingna, so i looked through her gallery and i almost was stunned, there was something magical and powerful about her imagery that overwhelmed me.

you guys can browse through more of her works at >> :iconzemotion: 

here are some of my favorite photos in her profile


Luna. A gorgeous clean and quiet photo

Something beautiful

I cant really tell why i like this so much but I’m always attrated to her eyes looking at the photo, as if they tell a story. she is just so beautiful

This haunting image was the cover of Luxury magazine Oct last year flowy dress contrasting with angular edges of the steps, both metallic colors. very elegant piece indeed, reminds me of the snow queen…


i LOVE this. its just soooo “prince and princess”…when i first looked at it..AWWWW i cant think of a word to describe this. neither can i now…

Its just so pleasant to the eyes.


Forgotten Fairytales. many of her personal works are often dark and beautiful. and this is another stunning work, love lost and dreams shattered…


just love the angle, the model the color and everything.


Summer II this is among her more standard commercial pieces. SHOT FOR SINGAPORE BRIDES hahaha it’s just tooo pretty ((:


Redemption. one of her most famouos works. a sense of craving for freedom and escape, sense of ephemeral, a beckoning to a world long forgotten and far removed from our own.

I see effort and passion in every work of hers. Every work has a story to tell, it’s hidden beneath the photo. Every emotion she presented in her work  just touches your heart lightly without showing you what exactly it is. It leaves large room for imagination. I truly admire her talent, courage and passion in pursuing for her dream. Her passion in her every piece inspires me to put in my all in art i do in the future.


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  1. liqiairgirl Says:

    WOW. this is amazing!

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