tablet drawings — dancer

i did these today…supposed to be the dance poster for inspire 09 but later got too carried away doing the hair and exploring combi and colors….ended up like this …not too bad huh (:

p.s. i don wanna die for course work T.T


3 Responses to “tablet drawings — dancer”

  1. I think the second one is better. It will make the dancer more impressive. Color can shows a lot of emotion~haha
    anyway, both are beautiful!

  2. O: did u just draw this or use photoshop to draw de? O: haha i think very nice leh hehehehe i like the complex one cause colour combi is cool 😀 this remind me of the dress u wore on graces :p

  3. The second one has more movement than the first. And her body is more defined ( the green and yellow on skirt helps to outline her body that initially blended into the skirt.)

    The green “paintbrush” feel is a little out of place, but gives the design more movement…hmm…

    I like the fact that you gave the skirt folds XD And colourful ❤

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