my graces designs final(:

here goes my desings…(: i m trying to make it look a bit classy and sophiscated…in the front..and simple and hopefully graceful for the back

RANDOM: ha this is one of my countless character study of tc for course work… again photography take by me model TC and the sun and the window (: its abit dark but looks prettyXD i ll post the rest later ^^


9 Responses to “my graces designs final(:”

  1. try removing the laces that is connecting the butterfly XP like i said hahas.. just giving comment =D

  2. Think your graces design is really good.=) very detailed and elegant design, with youth and vibrancy.
    And how can you upload a photo of me without crediting the model?=(

  3. THANK U TC the Sun and Window (: clouds too

  4. make de design simpler to show elegant and grace cuz too complicated then dun have the feeling there

  5. I think the design’s fine as it is. I particularly like the way you used the butterfly (and the words, to a lesser extent) to link the front and back designs.
    Only thing is, I think they’ll have some trouble printing the shirt because it falls on the sleeve.

  6. i Love your design for its sophistication. It’s so elaborate, and so feminine too. If this is printable i want one 😀 Unfortunately printing elaborate stuff normally makes it more expensive 😦

    Your back design is super simple but in its simple way completes the whole tee. It’s very interesting since the front is so complicated, it’s like giving your eyes a little rest after a feast when you look at the back.

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