draft 1 of graces + super randomness (:

this is the first draft of my logo design for graces (: plz comment i ll add more …what’s that …lace? thingy on top of the graces words to make it more flowy (: as what Mr lim suggested  see my other drafts soon (:

the other two are ….just for fun (:


5 Responses to “draft 1 of graces + super randomness (:”

  1. ahah. i love the last one for its comical value. XD ahahahahah

    pretty design, and cheem. i agree that adding lace will make the design flow together!

  2. hahas… the 1st is the best but if ur paper or watever that is.. is slightly too big.. if that paper is that big u might want to make ur design slightly bigger..
    too small it will show that ur background is too empty..

  3. OH GOSH!!! where is my butterfly??!!! nvm i ll find it

  4. I love it! It’s eye-catching, it’s sophisticated. I like how the face of the girl is emphasized, it gives it a human, realistic touch. The colour combination of grey and pink is also a safe choice, though slightly feminine. And it’s economical too (laughs) – it only uses one colour! Some suggestions though:

    1. You can make the “Graces” word bigger
    2. As “Clement” pointed out, your shirt is too long. You can consider resizing it, and aligning it. It looks a little cropped out at the left side, by the way.
    3. It seems a bit morbid that the girl’s eyes are replaced by a flower. I know it looks pretty much like it can fit there, which I agree, but perhaps the flower can be placed on the hair instead, and the eyes remain as eyes?

    Interesting design with a nice, appealing look. 🙂 (You can consider doing a front design too, to match this!)

  5. This is slightly random, but I like the the girl’s hair. It just looks nice, well done.

    I know the choice of colour needs to be based on the topic graces, but pink’s really not my colour. (Not that my design’s not sort of feminine. Eurgh.)

    This strictly shouldn’t be here, but I see an improvement in the final design. The use of space is better in the final design.

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