this is called photo-editing XD

some ps edited photos (:

i m not some freak who fake up photo kay…juz added some effects 😀

and i deleted my bad eng fei4 hua4


10 Responses to “this is called photo-editing XD”

  1. Hahaha, saw before leh=D
    Pretty pretty pretty=)))))))
    Hmmm, personally I like the first and third the most=)
    The first has a very ambiguous atmosphere, give the audience a mysterious sense and intrique curiousity.
    The third one is obviously because the subject is a gorgeous lady=) And I love beautiful womanXD The colour is really nice and harmonious. Hope to see more work from you=)


  2. *giving
    haha, we are talking on the phone babe=)

  3. Ah my dear, let’s start with your English. The typing makes your pictures more interesting, but…

    “The sea and I” is more preferable than me…It’s like “Tom and I” rather than “Tom and me”. But the effect is cool. Has that “I have no one else to take a pic with” feel about it.

    The “life is good” is cool. 很Relaxed 🙂 Reminds me of some advertisement.

    The third one is rather mixed. She’s happy (why she when it’s you…) and looking out, at something we don’t know. Oh, who took the pic for you? The typing gives it a new dimension this time. Almost like someone is chat-speaking with the girl.

    The icecream looks nice TT.TT I waaaaaant :3 The words make it hilarious!

    The fourth one seems to be challenging the quality of my life XD I ency your cruise.

    The caught eating is interesting, cos of the focus. Very quickly we are drawn to the “shocked/m-so-innocent” look of the subject matter, and her hand still holding the food. Much more exciting than mine where Loyee is caught eating in M3 XD

    Your sister super cute. As my own sis says, the feeling is very light. The feeling of enjoyment emnates from the pix.

    Finally, it’s back to yours. Yay, we’re glad that you love us =DDD
    It’s happy, relaxed, very white-ish, especially with the wind blowing your hair about. I also want the breeze :3

    So there’s the more emo ones and the relaxed ones XD

    • haha thanks chia(:
      u know wat i din think of “tom and i” or
      “tom and me”
      lol i chose it just because cos “sea”
      and “me” rhymes (: ok i ll take note of that thx
      ohoh and amazingly all the pics are taken by me
      except for the one caught eating = = i mean how can i catch myself eating (: kakaka
      do u know there is something called zi4 pai1 (: (: with tripod 4 1 XD

  4. I like the second one. It looks, as you said, like something off a magazine. The colours are really nice, bright and cheery without looking too artificial.
    Though you might want to omit the date you took the photo.

    • THX (: haha i noticed the date…. just before i uploaded it….i was hoping no one would notice
      but well XD AEPers are observers XDXD kakaka

  5. XD Nice skills and positioning of the camera! ❤ Angle not bad sia.

  6. i hear singlish frm chia XDXD sia lol (:

  7. crazymadandx Says:

    i think i saw them before (as with ting chih) but haha nice nice. nice stuff are worth seeing again!
    other than your um. english for the rest of the post, i think the captions/text are really interesting, and add humour/feeling to the photos!
    as for the ice cream one, haha the words are um. slightly. okay. um. you might want to phrase it in another way?
    but i dont get the last picture though. you might want to explain further?
    good job! (you had fun while taking pics!)

    • haha tyty cyNthia ( see i din spell wrongly)
      yeah i know the icecream one…is abit…
      ahem but tts the point hahahhaha
      anw yeah i went back to read then i also feel bad for my eng > <
      nvm no time to change now ((:

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